Contractor Listing of FPSIE Course Graduates

Disclaimer: The purpose for this listing on the FPSIE web-site is merely to provide viewers with the names of students who have successfully completed the Aquatic Energy Auditor (AEA): the Certified Aquatic Energy Auditor (CAEA) and/or the Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer (CAEI) course of study presented by the FPSIE Education Center. The purpose of this auditing course is to teach students how to correctly conduct audits of energy consumption of pools and spas and how to utilize this information to demonstrate how pool/spa owners can reduce their energy consumption by using energy efficient equipment. The purpose of the equipment installer course is to train pool/spa technicians to sell; install correctly and service energy efficient equipment for pool and spas.  Neither FPSIE, nor the utility provider that directed you to this site, shall be responsible for any act, action or inaction, of any of the parties listed for any reason whatsoever. It is recommended that when choosing a contractor for work that requires a California Contractor’s license you should first check that contractor’s credentials with the California Contractor’s State Licensing Board (CSLB). For convenience, that web-site is:

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