Board Members

Phil Gelhaus — FPSIE Chairman 

Phil’s pool and spa experience started as a second generation “Pool Guy” in 1960 when his father Larry Gelhaus opened his soul-proprietorship retail/wholesale pool company.  From there he’s contributed to the industry in many ways:

  • Larry Gelhaus Pool Supply, Lafayette, CA 1960-1972 – career begins
  • General Pool & Spa Supply Inc 1972-2009 – began as an employee in 1972 and later became the owner and president November 13, 1985 – October 17, 2009.  Sold company to Pool Corp in 2009.
  • National Swimming Pool Institute (NSPI) (now known as APSP) Sacramento Chapter Chairman 1975-1976
  • Swimming Pool Education Council (SPEC) Board of Governors 1988-2013
  • One of 5 Founders of Wholesale Independent National Distributor Organization (WINDO) 1989-2007
  • One of 6 Founders of Foundation for Pool & Spa Industry Education (FPSIE)  2005-present
  • Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) National Board Distributor Council Chairman 2005-2008
  • California Pool and Spa Association (CPSA) Board Member 2013- present

Don Aston — FPSIE Board Member

Education is the engine for growth of the pool-and-spa industry. The industry’s potential growth is severely handicapped by the lack of an educated workforce. While educational material is plentiful, no effective educational delivery system existed prior to FPSIE, which provides that delivery system.

Karl Sense — FPSIE Treasurer

Karl is a Certified Public Accountant and a Principal with Clifton Larson Allen LLP in the Roseville, CA office.  Karl has over 30 years public accounting experience in financial statement preparation and auditing, and  income taxes.  Karl’s clients include small to medium sized organizations in construction, wholesale, professional, non-profit, and other industries.

Karl is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton and attended the Masters of Taxation Program at Golden Gate University.

Brian Long — FPSIE Secretary

“Blessed is the leader who seeks the best for those he serves”

Brian is currently the Director of Information Technology for an industry distributor and has over 25 years of computer technology experience.  Brian is a graduate of Ashford University, earning his degree in Organizational Management.

As Director of Information Technology, Brian provides company-wide direction and leadership for all aspects of Information Technology, including analyzing and leveraging upcoming technologies, ERP strategy & business alignments, E-Commerce strategy and delivery, compliance, policies & procedures, project management, process development, improvement & deployment, software design, vendor & contract management, data warehousing, messaging & collaboration, network administration, and security.


Jennifer Wilson – FPSIE Board Member

With almost 20 years in the Pool and Spa Industry, Jennifer Wilson has worked almost every job in the business—from a Retail Store Clerk then Store Manager to Wholesale Warehouse Worker then Branch Sales Manager, and now Regional Sales Support Specialist.

In the last ten years Jennifer has been an advocate for making sure that “The Pool Guy” has the training necessary to make his or her job easier, whether it is training with a certain vendor to “here is how you use social media to market your business.”  In addition to training “The Pool Guy,” she has also focused on getting those in wholesale educated so that they may mentor the ones coming after them.


Dave Hawes – FPSIE Board Member

David J. “Dave” Hawes brings a wealth of experience to FPSIE’s Board of Directors—a pool-and-spa industry veteran of over 45 years.  Dave began his career in the industry at the age of 10 when he started a neighborhood pool service business.  With 12 service trucks and over 800 pools on service, his H & H Pool Service company is the largest pool service company in Northern California.  He takes pride in the growth of his business, but is equally proud of having refined the art of providing good, quality service that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Dave loves to share his knowledge too; education is his passion.  He is a nationally recognized industry speaker on a wide variety of subjects, from Customer Service to Business Expansion.  He is in demand as a speaker at several industry-related venues throughout the United States on a regular basis.

Dave is a member and former Director of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA); is a member of the Association for Pool Professionals (APSP) Service Council; has a Degree in Business Administration and a strong desire to help FPSIE become a greater conduit for business education and hands-on training for members of the pool- and-spa industry and its utility company partners.  In 2017, Dave was elected as IPSSA Region 1 Director.

Dr. James Frazee – FPSIE Board Member

Dr. James Frazee is currently Professor of Psychology at Cosumnes River College located in Elk Grove, California. Dr. Frazee has worked extensively to help FPSIE expand its vocational education offerings, particularly a Spanish language version of the Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer (CAEI) course.

Rick Sauvageau – FPSIE Board Member

As a well known pool and spa industry veteran, Mr. Sauvageau has spent the last thirty-five years with his finger on the pulse of the industry. Mr. Sauvageau has been instrumental in making the Fishing with FPSIE fishing derby a continued success. The annual Fishing with FPSIE event draws hundreds of pool industry members to Collins Lake, California each year for a weekend of camping, fishing, and camaraderie. He is currently the Pool Division Sales Manager at HASA, Inc.

Past Board Members

Sue Robach — FPSIE Board Member

I have worked in the swimming pool and spa industry for over 30 years. My work experience includes the pool construction, retail, distribution, pool service and currently, the last 14 years, pool and spa equipment manufacturing.

I owned a pool service and remodel business in Sacramento for almost 10 years and was offered an opportunity to work for Sta-Rite Industries which is now Pentair Water Pool and Spa. I was hired as a sales rep, but my passion was teaching. Sta-Rite recognized my interests and while working under Fred Hare, eventually promoted me to National Training Manager. I currently hold the position of Regional Training Manager for Pentair, covering the western side of the United States.

Pentair teaches courses at all of the Pool Industry trade shows and has a national schedule each year in which one, two and three day courses are taught. These courses cover Hydraulics, Basic Electricity, Heating, Electronic Controls and technical training for all Pentair equipment.

I have been an instructor for the Association of Pool and Spa Professional courses and am currently working toward being a Certified Instructor for the National Spa and Pool Foundation (NSPF) Certified Pool Operators courses. I write articles for our trade magazines and have a monthly column in the Independent Pool and Spa Servicemen’s Association (IPSSA) Newsletter.

As one might have observed at this point, I have a passion for education. I truly believe that in education we gain so much, both on a personal and professional level. It is so important to give back to the industry that has supported me for so many years.

Fred Hare — FPSIE Board Member

Fred Hare is an “Aquatic Consultant.”  He retired in 2002, after 44 years in the Swimming Pool/Spa Industry.  He has worked in Equipment Sales, Marketing, and Commercial System Design for several major equipment manufactures in the Swimming Pool/Spa industry.  He is mostly know for his development of the Sta-Rite Industry’s Training Program and related training materials that are still being used in the industry today.  Fred presently volunteers at the F.P.S.I.E. as part of the training staff.

Dick Dalpino — FPSIE Board Member

As a long time supporter of industry education it is personally rewarding to be involved in establishing the first independent swimming pool educational facility in the United States. The FPSIE School will provide the industry with the venues necessary to allow our members to access the knowledge that will raise the standards of their educational professionalism. FPSIE will also fulfill the need for accredited vocational education that will bring new students and future professionals into the swimming pool industry. “Today’s FPSIE students will be tomorrow’s industry professionals”.

Guy Larson — FPSIE Board Member

Education is needed in the technical segment,
in the building segment , in the retail segment, and in the best business practices for our industry. Education is needed and demanded! I see FPSIE as a significant provider of that need.

Mike Geremeia — FPSIE Secretary

Ever since I came into our business, I’ve set out to Raise The Bar. First for our company and then for our industry. Our company has been a member of the Master Pools Guild from its inception, again a group out to Raise The Bar. I have served on every industry board, locally regionally and nationally, and have been a proponent of industry education at every level. The better educated our workforce and competitors are the more our products will be accepted by the public.