Pool/Spa Home Owner – Consumer

The Foundation for Pool and Spa Industry Education, (FPSIE – pronounced fip-see) is a career-technical school where all industry educational materials are made available to industry members. The FPSIE Education Center is available to manufacturers, distributors, dealers, trade groups, and other interested industry members for training purposes, seminars, sales meetings, and the like. There are five classrooms:  two lecture class rooms, a workshop (laboratory) classroom, a wet classroom that contains a 7,000-gallon product demonstration pool, and a dry classroom where students are taught basic electricity, basic hydraulics, plumbing, plastering, tile setting, etc.

While FPSIE does not directly serve consumers, it indirectly serves all swimmers/bathers through its service to the industry–promoting safety, energy efficiency, professionalism in business practices, and training the industry members who sell, install, maintain, and service pools and spas.

If you have visited this Web site because you’re thinking of adding a pool or spa to your property and are looking for guidance, FPSIE recommends that you visit the California State Contractors Licensing Board web-site at www.cslb.ca.gov and begin by interviewing contractors in your area.  If you already have a pool and/or spa, are looking for a professional service technician serving your area, or are interested in learning how to reduce your energy bill, click on this link, https://www.fpsie.org/consumer/graduates-2, which will take you to the FPSIE Web page that lists FPSIE graduates and students/contractors who have completed various courses of study at FPSIE.  This listing includes pool builders, equipment installers, energy auditors, and Certified Pool Operators (CPO™) who are trained to service and maintain swimming pools and spas.

Thank you for visiting the FPSIE Web site. We trust that our efforts have or will make your swimming/bathing experience safer and more enjoyable.

CPO™ is a registered Trade Mark of the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)